Eighth Data Users Workshop

Eighth Data Users Workshop

Eighth FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC Data Users' Workshop

30 September - 2 October 2014
Boulder, Colorado U.S.A.

Last updated: 7 July 2014

Presenter Frequently Asked Questions


What is the abstract that I submit during registration used for?
This abstract is used to determine whether your presentation will be selected for an oral or a poster presentation, and in which session to place your presentation. The abstract should include your name, affiliation, and e-mail address.
Why do I need to select a topic for my presentation?
This is going to help us make appropriate decisions on the placement of your presentation in the program.
Will this abstract be posted or printed?
The abstract will be posted on the workshop website once the workshop program is generated. If you DO NOT want your abstract posted, please inform us when you register by selecting "No" to May we publish this abstract on the workshop website? in regards to the corresponding abstract on the submission form.
How must I submit my abstract?
To submit an abstract, please go to the registration website.

If you would like to upload an abstract after completing registration or replace an abstract that you have already submitted, re-sign in to the registration website at your convenience and click on "Registration" under the Edit column.

If you would like to make changes to an abstract that you have already submitted after the abstract submission deadline, please send the revised abstract to cosmicworkshop@ucar.edu.

Abstracts will be accepted through 14 July 2014. Participants will be notified of abstract acceptance by 1 August 2014.
If I make changes to this abstract, do I have to resubmit it?
Since abstracts will be posted on the workshop website once the program is generated, please send any revisions to your abstract(s) after the Abstract Submission Deadline to cosmicworkshop@ucar.edu should there be any changes.
If the name of my abstract or the author list changes, do I have to update my registration information?
Should any changes occur to your abstract or author list, please submit a revised abstract to cosmicworkshop@ucar.edu.
Can I get a copy of all the abstracts submitted?
Abstracts will be posted on the workshop website once the program is generated.
Length of the abstract
Please keep the abstract to 250 words or 1 page. The file should be smaller than 10 MB.
Style of the abstract
The abstract should include your name, affiliation, your co-author names and affiliations (if applicable), and your e-mail address. Please proofread for spelling and grammar prior to submission, as abstracts will be posted as written.
Format in which to submit the abstract?
We would prefer that you submit your abstract in .pdf or Word (.doc, .docx) format.


The size of each poster board is 60 inches tall by 47 inches wide. Please ensure that your poster will fit within these dimensions. Posting materials will be provided.

There will not be poster introductions for non-student poster session participants, but we will have a formal poster viewing session during the workshop. All posters will be divided into the main workshop topics and will be displayed in these main categories to ensure easy viewing and discussion.

Posters should be hung on the poster display boards before 12:00 noon on 30 September 2014 in the South Auditorium. Poster boards will be assigned and a list of these assignments will be posted outside of the South Auditorium.

Poster Introduction (Student Poster Session participants only): Prior to the workshop poster session, each student participant is expected to give a three (3) minute oral presentation. The oral presentation will consist of one slide summarizing the poster. This slide should include a poster title, authors(s) and their affiliation(s), and a brief highlight of results. Please send this one slide .ppt or .pdf file to cosmicworkshop@ucar.edu by Friday, 19 September.

We would like to encourage all poster presenters to provide us with a small electronic version (.ppt or .pdf) of their posters (or a short .ppt file describing the poster) to be posted on the website after the workshop. Please send this file to cosmicworkshop@ucar.edu by Friday, 17 October.

Due to limited spacing and large numbers of posters, we would appreciate that you inform us ahead of time should you decide not to participant in the poster session.

Poster printing vendors in Boulder:

Fedex Office Print & Ship Center
2795 Pearl St., Suite 104, Boulder, Colorado
(303) 449-7100
Fax (303) 449-7805

Eighth Days a Week Imaging and Copy Center
840 Pearl Street, Boulder, Colorado
(303) 443-7671

Fedex Office Print & Ship Center
2616 Baseline Road, Boulder, Colorado
(303) 494-2622
Fax (303) 494-0879

Minuteman Press Printing
1644 Conestoga St., #4, Boulder, Colorado
(303) 449-2997


Can I generate my presentation on a Mac?
Can I use my own computer?
No. In order to stay on time during the workshop, we cannot change computers in the middle of a session.
Format in which I should prepare my presentations?
Please prepare your presentations in .pdf or PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx) format and ensure that they will work once downloaded on a different computer.
How do I get my presentation on the central computer?
  1. Bring your slideshow on a memory stick or flash drive.
  2. Or send it to cosmicworkshop@ucar.edu, prior to the workshop. Please make the subject line "Workshop Presentation."