Retreat 2009

Retreat 2009

COSMIC Retreat 2009: AGENDA

November 5 - 6, 2009

Aspen Lodge, CO

Thursday, 5 November 2009
Executive Session (breakfast will be served)

Participants: Rick Anthes, Jay Fein, Jack Fellows, Jeff Reaves, Gina Taberski, Hanne Mauriello, Bill Kuo, Ingrid Moore, Chris Rocken, Bill Schreiner, John Braun
  • COSMIC budget: 2008 - 2011 (Kuo/Moore)
  • Continuation of COSMIC operation beyond 2011
  • AMS Annual Meeting - IWG meeting
  • Suominet and its future
Introduction, and purpose of the retreat (Kuo)
COSMIC-II Status and Strategy (Chair: Rick Anthes)

[Note: Sara will set up ReadyTalk, so NOAA folks in WDC can hear and participate in the discussions. NOAA WDC folks, including Mike Crison, Rich Fulton, Margarida Yuan, will participate via ReadyTalk.]
Ground-based GPS Status and Strategy (Chair: John Braun)

[Note: John, please have discussions with Kristine Larson and Chuck Meertens before the retreat, and summarize the discussion.]
COSMIC Science Applications (Chair: Ben Ho)

[Note: Ben, please find opportunities to discuss other NCAR scientists, e.g., Bill Randel, and other NCAR scientists, and summarize the discussions.]
Future of the COSMIC team (Chair: Chris Rocken)

[Note: Chris will make a lead-in presentation to motivate the discussion.]
  • Making CDAAC an international GPS RO processing center
  • Establishing connection with other international RO missions.
  • Should COSMIC be involved with firmware and hardware of receiver?
  • How to ensure leadership in the RO community?
  • Should COSMIC get involved with new technology such as cross-link and ocean reflection?
Friday, 6 November 2009
Future of COSMIC team discussion continued (Chair: Chris Rocken)
Wrap-up sessions (Chair: Kuo)